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How DigiSafe came to be.

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DigiSafe is currently in Alpha. That means we are testing it out and expect to iterate it further. Please feed back on your experience; let us know if you think anything is missing or needs updating.


DigiSafe was created for Catalyst by:

  • Charné Tromp of CAST, a UK charity accelerating use of technology across the social sector.

  • Cordelia Ruck and Jo Sharpen of AVA, a UK charity committed to ending gender based violence and abuse.

  • Joe Roberson of Working with Joe, a content design agency for the social sector.

  • Noam Sohachevsky of SIDE Labs, a user-research and no-code design agency for the social sector.

It was funded by the Clothworkers Foundation.

DigiSafe builds on AVA’s Digital Safeguarding Guide which was funded by Comic Relief.

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